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Seamless Pulse 5.5" Shorts - The Signature Blend Collection

Everyone has been loving the updated fit of our Pulse leggings, so we decided to bring this same cut to our shorts!

The Pulse Seamless 5.5" shorts are a short biker length, and feature the new B&B "Pulse" material. This fabric is a 68% Nylon / 32% Spandex blend, and we absolutely love the way this fabric hugs our muscles and curves. The deep "V" cut in the back makes for a super flattering fit for all.

Other things to note on this new style:

+ No center seam in the front of the shorts.
+ Due to the stretchiness of the fabric, our sizing chart has been modified. Sizes 00-18 are now covered in 4 B&B sizes (XS-L), vs the previous 5 B&B sizes for the same size range (XS-XL).
+ These are a slightly less compressive fabric than the Crush or Inspire fabrics, but also slightly thicker than the Crush fabric.
+ This fabric is ultra soft - so we recommend keeping It away from extra rough surfaces that can cause pilling (like cement, velcro, etc).
+ These shorts have a high rise waist.

Size Chart

Size 00-2 - XS
Size 2-6 - Small
Size 6-10 - Medium
Size 12-16 - Large

Inseam Lengths


Models are shown wearing a size small.


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