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Seamless Pulse Leggings - The Quench Collection

The Quench Collection brings another brand new style and fit to the B&B leggings line-up - the Pulse Seamless Leggings!

The new Pulse Seamless leggings feature the new Pulse material. This fabric is a 68% Nylon / 32% Spandex blend, making these our stretchiest leggings yet. We absolutely love the way these hug our muscles and curves!

Other things to note on this new style:

+ These leggings feature a deeper "V" cut in the back above the glutes, making them truly our most flattering legs from the back view.
+ Taller girlies can rejoice - these leggings also feature a longer inseam than the Crush or Inspire leggings. Please see inseam comparison chart below!
+ Due to the stretchiness of the fabric, our sizing chart has been modified. Sizes 00-18 are now covered in 4 B&B sizes (XS-L), vs the previous 5 B&B sizes for the same size range (XS-XL).
+ These are a less compressive fabric than the Crush or Inspire fabrics, but slightly more compressive than the new Spark fabric.
+ This fabric is ultra soft - so we recommend keeping It away from extra rough surfaces that can cause pilling (like cement, etc).
+ These leggings have a similar height waist to the Crush and Inspire leggings, and are considered medium-high rise.

Size Chart

Size 00-2 - XS
Size 2-6 - Small
Size 6-10 - Medium
Size 12-16 - Large

Inseam Lengths

XS - 25.5"
Small - 26"
Medium - 26.5"
Large - 27" 


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