Toronto, Ontario

"Love yourself first."

Adee is a strong, outgoing, and passionate woman that is always pushing boundaries and trying to better herself and her community. As a teenager and young adult Adee played a number of sports ranging from Figure Skating to Water Skiing but never seemed to find her "home".

In 2009 when she began attending the University of Guelph, Adee found CrossFit and fell in love with the passion and work ethic that is so prevalent in that community. Having been an active female who was always told "weights make you bulky" and "it is not lady-like to lift weights" Adee embraced the idea that a woman can be strong and muscular, push her limits and still be feminine. Soon after becoming a CrossFit athlete Adee found herself taking her Level 1 and becoming a CrossFit coach as well.

Her passion for strength grew rapidly until Adee took things to a new level in 2012 when she decided to join the weightlifting team at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. In her first year she competed as a 63kg lifter and became the 2013 Ontario Senior Champion, then not only qualified for the Senior National Championships but managed to place fourth, only 2kg shy of a podium finish.

The following year Adee competed at notable competitions like the Arnold Championships placing third in her class. With only two years of experience under her belt it was clear that she had found her "home". Not only does Adee show a passion for fitness but she also proves to women that it is possible to "do it all".

Adee graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA Honours in Psychology as well as from the University of Toronto (OISE) with a Masters of Teaching. Balancing education, work, and training proves that she is a triple threat. Adee can now be found training, coaching, and kicking ass either on Canadian soil or in North Carolina at Mash Elite Performance under the coaching of world champion powerlifter Travis Mash with other athletes such as Jon North and Jared Enderton.

Adee embodies the Belle & Bell attitude and shows us you can Be beautiful. Be fit. Be you.